Schleich Dinosaur World -Large Dino Research Station (4-10 years)

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The big dinosaur research station is the heart of the Schleich new play world!
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The Large dino research station from Schleich® Dinosaurs offers plenty of adventure and playing fun! Deep in the Amazon jungle, the hidden station offers everything that’s needed to research the last living dinosaurs.

TEAM DINO, consisting of the 3 Colby brothers MAXX, LUIS and FLYNN, is on its way to uncovering the secrets!

MAXX, the ringleader, has lots to do at the Large dino research station from Schleich® Dinosaurs.

In addition to the command center, the station also has a viewing platform with swiveling tranquilizer dart gun and a crane.

Underneath there is a quarantine room for newly captured dinos. The first examinations can be made here right away, and then the dinosaurs can be released into the enclosure through the trapdoor. Oh no! The velociraptor escaped! Can MAXX catch it again with his pole-arm?

The playset contains lots of accessories and 2 cool painted dinos. Discover all of the Schleich® Dinosaurs world and the exciting adventures of the Colby brothers at

With rotating crane and cable winch!

Fence elements with breakout function!

Can be assembled individually!

Figure with moving arms and legs!

Age guide: 4 to 10 years


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