Magformers Creator Series Selection (3+ yrs)

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Winner of the 2016 Educational Product of the Year and are loved by children, parents and teachers alike. Magformers can be connected in any direction in 3D, and are easy to assemble and disassemble.
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Loved by children, parents and teachers alike. Magformers consists of bright, colourful, and fun educational shapes.

Magformers can be connected in any direction in 3D, and are easy to assemble and disassemble when compared to blocks that insert or interlock to assemble.

Each piece contains encapsulated 360-degree rotating magnets that always rotate to attract to the magnet encapsulated in the next shape. This means that Magformer pieces can be connected in any direction in 3D!

  • Age guide - 3+ years.
  • Compatible with all MAGFORMERS® shapes and accessories


Educational Benefits

Magformers help children brain development, by allowing them to use, develop and improve (at least) eight essential forms of intelligence, intellect, and skill.

  • Modelling: by allowing them to create an unlimited number of models, designs, and figures using magnetic shapes that come in bright vivid colours.
  • Creativity: enhance intelligence and creativity through design and configuration of 3D shapes and models.
  • Scientific Thinking: help teach children about principles of magnetism, the 3D world, how to turn planar 2D designs into 3D shapes, and spatial thinking.
  • Curiosity: stimulate your children's curiosity by providing satisfaction through creative play.
  • Reasoning: help improves children's reasoning skills through the process of assembling planar figures into 3D shapes.
  • Imagination: foster children's infinite imagination as they make 2D geometric shapes, unique 3D structures and models of their own choosing.

Magformers are also a great therapy resource, because of the size of the pieces, how easy they are to put together / take apart, how well they “click” together, and because of their vibrant and attractive colours. They are now more widely used in pediatric occupational therapy for children who suffer from certain conditions, including Autism, ADHD, developmental delay and sensory processing disorders.

Magformers are not restricted to just the young. They are known to help older patients in aged care, including in patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease; as it helps to stimulate their thinking process and encourage them to use and practice their fine motor skills by putting the colourful pieces together.

Magformers has also been praised as one of the top STEM toys around.

“It is no longer enough to simply use technology, we need to create a generation involved in building their own technology futures, ...Magformers are an excellent way to build important spatial skills to help prepare our next generation of STEM leaders.”

- Dr. Jenine Beekhuyzen, founder of the Tech Girls Movement.



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