Sylvanian Families - Tuxedo Cat Family

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Meet the Sylvanian Families Marlowe Tuxedo Family: Father Mason, Mother Natalie, sisters Lily and Rose.
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Includes :

  • Mason Marlowe Tuxedo Cat Family Figurine
  • Natalie Marlowe Tuxedo Cat Family Figurine
  • Lily Marlowe Tuxedo Cat Family Figurine
  • Rose Marlowe Tuxedo Cat Family Figurine

Mason Marlowe is quiet and reliable, and is close to his family. On his days off, he likes to spend time going out shopping with his daughters or teaching tennis.

Natalie Marlowe is very cheerful and active. She follows the latest trends and loves new and pretty things. She visits new shops right away as soon as they open. She always keeps ahead of the latest fashions by reading fashion magazines.

Lily Marlowe is reliable just like her father, and good at sports. Although her personality is different from her twin sister Rose, they are very close sisters and love going shopping together.

Rose Marlowe is cheerful and pretty just like her mother. Her personality is different from her twin sister Lily, but their taste in fashion is similar and they often swap outfits.

Adult figures are about 8cm tall.

Age guide: 3+ years


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