Sylvanian Families - Chocolate Rabbit Family

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Meet the Sylvanian Families Red panda Robinson Family: Father Wilbur, Mother Fliss, Sister Frances and baby Cali.
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Includes :

  • Wilbur Robinson Red Panda Family Figurine
  • Fliss Robinson Red Panda Family Figurine
  • Frances Robinson Red Panda Family Figurine
  • Cali Robinson Red Panda Family Figurine

Wilbur Robinson is very generous and cheerful. He loves going on picnics on Cedar Mountain or beside Sparkle Lake.

Fliss Robinson is a baker and bakes delicious desserts. Her specialties are fruit cakes and pies. Pastries for breakfast, biscuits and cake for snacks and pudding for dessert.

Frances Robinson is an active sporty girl. Give her a ball and she will play for hours. You will also find her climbing trees and eating her mothers delicious desserts.

Cali Robinson is a messy baby but loves her big sister and often follows her around.

Adult figures are about 8cm tall.

Age guide: 3+ years



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