Smart Games - Anti-virus Mutation (7+ yrs)

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Can you get rid of the red virus out of the system?
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Anti-Virus Mutation challenges players to slide all of the colorful pieces around the board in order to clear a path to remove the red virus.

A great travel game that features 60 challenges with a portable carrying case.

Anti-Virus Mutation is the next generation of the original Anti-Virus, offering a whole new play experience.

  • For ages 7+ years
  • Content: 1 x game board which can be used as storage case, 6 x colourful puzzle pieces, 3 x round white puzzle pieces, 1 x booklet with 60 challenges and solutions
  • Brain-teasing fun for the whole family
  • 60 challenges, Easy to Expert
  • Planning, Logic and Problem Solving Skills


How to Play

  1. Arrange the game pieces on the board as shown on the challenge.
  2. Slide the colorful pieces around the board, clearing a path to remove the red virus (red piece). White pieces must remain in place.
  3. You have found the solution when you can force the red piece completely through the opening of the game board.


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