Slapzi (6+ yrs)

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SLAPZI, a fast matching, card slapping, everyone laughing picture game! Slapzi is all about speed, matching, and linking in a blink.
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Slapzi, from the makers of Tenzi. Be the first to match the right picture cards to the right clue cards. The winner is the first player to match all five of the right picture cards to the right clue cards.

It’s all about speed! Each player gets 5 picture cards. One by one the clue cards are turned over and you have to be the first to slap down a picture card that matches that clue.

For example, match clue card “meant to fly” to an appropriate picture card, with sometimes hilarious results.

The pictures on the cards are big and colourful and include a huge range of objects from bananas to bulldozers. The clues vary from the very simple to some requiring a little more lateral thinking.

A great game for ages 6 and over and the randomness of the pictures and clues means everyone is a chance to win. There are plenty of ways to play, but you’ve got to think quick whichever way you choose to play. The game can be over in as little as 30 seconds so it’s great way to break up other activities at home or in the classroom.

  • Ages 6+ years
  • 2 - 10 players
  • 120 picture cards and 65 clue cards
  • Includes instructions and ideas for variations on the original game.
  • Card Dimensions - 9 x 9 cm




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