Schleich Bayala - Fairy Surah with Glitter Pegasus

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Surah’s Pegasus is a magical creature. Its wings and mane magically reflect its friend’s colours.
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A Pegasus is a magical creature and all elves know this. Surah knows how magical it really is since becoming its friend. One day, while she was racing with her bird Kuack through the sky, the Pegasus suddenly fly up to Surah and gazed at her lovingly with big eyes. Since then, many wonders have occurred. Sera was able to sit down on its back and fly to faraway places at breathtaking speeds. Sera is very proud of her beautiful unicorn. It is not shy at all, but very friendly and knows many magical, new places. Would you like to go exploring with them?

  • Age Guide: 3+ years
  • Include - 1 x elf Surah, 1 x Pegasus, 1 x bird
  • Dimensions: 13cm (H) x 15cm (L) x 19cm (W) 
  • Secure hold thanks to magnets
  • With a moveable arm
  • Accessories can be swapped


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