Prime Climb (10+ years)

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Prime Climb is a game of strategy and luck for 2-4 players.
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  • Number of Players: 2 to 4 players
  • Time to Play: Roughly 10 minutes per player
  • Age Guide: 10+ years
  • 2015 Recommended by American Mensa
  • In the Box
    • Prime Climb board
    • 24 Prime cards + four blank cards
    • Multiplication table reference sheet
    • Two 10-sided dice
    • Eight pawns
    • Instructions


Lay out the board, shuffle the cards, place two pawns on Start for each player, and roll the dice to decide who will play first. You’re ready to go!

See the 101 circle? It’s the big red circle at the center of the spiral. The goal of Prime Climb is to land both your pawns on 101 exactly.


  • A turn consists of four phases: Roll, Move, Bump, and Draw.
  • Roll the dice. The two numbers you roll will be used, one at a time, to move your pawns.
  • During your Move Phase, you add, subtract, multiply, or divide the number your pawn is on by a number you rolled and send that pawn to the resulting number.
  • If you end your Move Phase with either of your pawns on the same space as another pawn, send the pawn you landed on back to Start. Bumping is not optional.
  • You draw a Prime Card after your Move and Bump Phases are completed if a) At least one of your pawns is on an entirely red space (i.e., a prime number greater than 10), and b) That pawn did not begin its turn on that space.



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