Playmobil Country - Pony Farm

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PLAYMOBIL pony farm... accommodate the ponies, brush their manes, feed them, and remember to muck out the stables as well!
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The pony farm has space to accommodate three ponies, one in a single box and the other two in the main box.

The stable doors lead out in the big playpen which can be fenced. The attic offers a lot of place for feed and straw.

Includes 3 x figures, 3 x ponies, 2 x cats and other animal figures, 7 x fence elements and lots of other accessories.

  • Ages: 4 yrs+
  • Barrow can be used by the child figures
  • Both stable doors can be closed and opened independently of each other
  • All stable doors on the front open outwards
  • The rear stable doors can be opened inwards and outwards



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