Olala Rabbit Trio Nightlight Set

$ 69.95
The 3 cheeky little rabbits will comfort your children as they sleep.
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With Léo, Léni, and Lila, your children will always have the light they need to feel safe.

This 3 adorable rabbit LED night-lights are cordless and go anywhere in the bedroom, corridor or bathrooms to form a lighted pathway for children.

They're wireless and are easily charged by sitting on a compact charging station and illuminate for around 12 hours once fully charged.



  • 3 LED night lights
  • Mobile & movable throughout the house
  • 12-hour use without being plugged in
  • No wire or battery
  • Charge up when they touch the base
  • Small and light, easy for kids to carry with them
  • Do not overheat


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