LiquiFly Rocket Deluxe (Water Powered)

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Learn about rockets and have lots of fun doing so! This seriously fun experiment uses air and water to power the bottle rocket more than 30 metres into the atmosphere. That's as high as 9 stories!
 Back to: 8-12 years

Heebie Jeebie's LiquidFly can launch up to 30 meters into the atmosphere with 1.3 liters of water on a windless day. 

This kit is designed to demonstrate the principles of thrust, acceleration and jet propulsion. The science behind launching the LiquiFly Water-Powered Rocket is the same as any other rockets - create thrust from water and air. Bam goes the rocket!!

This kit has everything you need is in the kit. Takes approximately 2 minutes to set-up.

Try experimenting with different water levels, and varying the air pressure to test how thrust is affected. Full instructions are provided in each kit - covering safety, set-up and how to really max out your thrust.

Note: Adult supervision is required for this activity. Improper use of this device could cause injury.


Age guide: 8+ years 


  • bottle
  • set of fins
  • two valves - low launch valve and high launch valve
  • hose
  • pump optimised for use with the Liquifly kit
  • detailed instructions


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