Kruselings Doll - Chloe (Deluxe Set)

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Chloe tries to see the best in everybody and everything. She loves art, creating and pushing boundaries. With a wave of her magical paintbrush, she can turn nightmares into the sweetest dreams.
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Chloe has red hair and green eyes. She wears a purple sparkling magic dress, shoes, wings and her magical paintbrush.

Her workaday outfit is a dotted dress, a parka, boots, and a pink bag.


  • Recommended age - 3+ years
  • 23 cm tall
  • Comes with her own hairbrush
  • Made of high-quality vinyl, with movable joints and lifelike glass eyes
  • Hair is able to be styled
  • Articulated doll - elbows and knees bend, has 9 joints. She can be posed easily, can sit and stands up on her own.


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