WOW Toys - Robbie Racer

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Race to the finish line with Robbie Racer and his race car driver, Jenson.
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Robbie Racer, the WOW Toys' super-fast race car! Along with his driver, Jensen, Robbie has never lost a race and don't plan to either!

On the race track Robbie Racer gives no mercy, but off it he's a nice guy who loves to hang with best buds, The Turbo Twins, Dynamite Daisy and Fireball Frankie! Together, they make up the WOW Toys' racing car section. Together, they are an unstoppable racing force! 

WOW vehicles are powered through 'push and go' friction motor, no batteries required!

Suitable from 18 months+



  • 1x Motorised sports car called Robbie
  • 1x Driver figure called Jenson

Functions & features:

  • Friction-powered motor
  • Mix and match trailer hook
  • Moving wheels for easy push-along play