WASGIJ? Mystery Puzzle - 11 Childcare (1000 pieces)

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What is going to happen next in this childcare?
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Wasgij puzzles are different from most puzzles, the picture on the box isn't the picture of the final jigsaw. It is a clue to how the completed jigsaw will be. There are also a few clues on the back of the box.

Children can be so unpredictable and sometimes they can drive you mad! These two childcare assistants who are doing their best to look after all these children in the nursery... Can you see what is going to happen next?

Remember, the picture on the box lid is not the puzzle. It is simply a clue to what the puzzle is!



  • Artist - Bill Houston
  • Age 8+ years
  • Approximate dimension - 68.8 x 49.3 cm
  • Made in New Zealand