TOLO Rattle Gift Set (3+ months)

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What could be a more perfect gift than our fantastic Rattle Gift Set? Containing the Mouse Rattle and Abacus Rattle, and beautifully packaged in TOLO signature keepsake box, this set will surely be the star of the show amongst any newborn gifts.
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Encourage gripping and shaking. Let your baby try this independently before stepping in to help, if necessary.

Show your baby how to move each abacus piece from side to side.

Show your baby how to spin the abacus pieces.

Encourage lots of free play and noise with this simple but effective toy.

Encourage simple counting with the abacus pieces - even if your infant is too young to understand numbers, talking and communicating will help later sound recognition and language development.

Let your baby explore the rattle with their hands and mouth. Your baby will soon realise that if they shake it, it will rattle, they can move the shapes around the ring, and the ears and tail will twist and click.

Encourage lots of shaking and rattling!

Development skills:

  • Colour Recognition
  • Hearing
  • Dexterity
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Teething
  • Touching and Gripping


Suitable for babies 3+ months