ThinkFun Code Master (8+ yrs)

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Make programming fun by learning the basics without a computer!
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In Code Master, your Avatar travels to an exotic world in search of power Crystals. Along the way, you use programming logic to navigate the Map.

Think carefully, in each level, only one specific sequence of actions will lead to success. Once you collect all the Crystals and land at the Portal, you win!

Playing Code Master will teach kids principles behind programming; as well as planning, sequential reasoning and problem-solving skills.


Steps To Play:

  1. Select a challenge Map and its designated Guide Scroll
  2. Place the indicated pieces on the Map and tokens on the Guide Scroll as outlined
  3. Determine the sequence of Action Tokens needed to navigate the Map, collect the Crystals and land at your Portal
  4. When you have reached the end of the sequence, collect all the Crystals and made it to the Portal -- You WIN!!!



  • Age - 8 years and above
  • Players - 1
  • Avatar
  • Portal
  • 6 x Crystals
  • 10 x Maps with 60 Levels
  • 12 x Guide Scrolls
  • 12 x Action Tokens
  • 8 x Conditional Tokens
  • Instructions with Solutions