Sylvanian Families Town Series - Floral Garden Set

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Sylvanian Families Floral Garden Set includes a rose arch with many accompanying flowers and plants to brighten up the town.
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Floral Garden Set includes a stylish rose arch covered in rose flowers and tangled with vines, potted weeping fig and a tulip and geranium planter. Lay out all of the contents of this set to create a lovely floral garden.

Create a wonderful townscape by placing alongside buildings from the town series (sold separately).

  • Age Guide: 3+ years
  • Total of 27 pieces
  • Contains: Arch, 6 x Rose A, 6x Rose B, Vine A, Vine B, 2 x Weeping Fig, 2 x Tulip, 2 x Geranium, 2 x Flowerpot A, 2 x Flowerpot B, 2 x Flowerpot C