Silverlit Pokibot Selection (3+ yrs)

$ 24.95
$ 21.95
Robotic voice recording and playback and the Sound Activated Motions bring Pokibot to life with personalities.
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Pokibot is a Portable Robot with more than 6 features. They move and spin forward, interact with one another and have robotic voice playback.


Additional details:

  • For ages 3+ years
  • Require 1 x 1.5v AAA battery (not included)
  • LED illuminated face
  • 2 Actions - move forward & spin
  • Interacts with each other
  • 3 styles of robotic voice playback
  • You clap/tap, it dances
  • Free Android & iOS APP for extra fun
  • Has a strap hole (no strap included)