Schleich - Saddle Bronc Riding With Cowboy

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“Saddle bronc riding” is a popular rodeo event. The cowboy or cowgirl has to stay on the back of a bucking wild horse for as long as possible. No easy task!
 Back to: 8-12 years

In “saddle bronc riding”, a wild horse (also known as a “bronc”) is saddled. Once the cowboy or cowgirl has mounted and given a sign, the chute to the arena is opened.

The horse charges out, bucking wildly, and the rider can only hold on to a rein on the saddle with a single hand. If they touch the horse with their other hand, they lose points.

Like in bull riding, the cowboy or cowgirl needs to stay on for at least eight seconds. It is not just about the time: the rider gets additional points if the horse bucks very strongly.

Fun fact: The rodeo “wild horse riding” event used to be carried out without a saddle. The cowboy would hold onto the mane.



  • 1 x Appaloosa stallion
  • 1 x cowboy
  • 1 x Western saddle
  • 1 x bridle
  • 1 x flank strap

Saddle and bridle are detachable.

Recommended for ages 3+ years.