Schleich Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal - Dimetrodon

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Dimetrodon is one of the first giants of the dinosaur world. It had a sail on its back, made of skin and bones and was an excellent hunter. It even killed prey bigger than itself.
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Dimetrodon was a dreaded apex predator that lived about 300-270 million years ago - 40-70 million years before the first prehistoric saurian.

It was not a "real" dinosaur, rather it was a prehistoric reptile and closely related to mammals. It moved like a lizard, since its legs were on the side of its body. 

Dimetrodon preyed upon reptiles, amphibians and fish, which it tore into pieces with its many razor-sharp teeth.

Fun FactDimetrodon's scientific name essentially means "two measures of teeth", because its teeth were of different sizes.

  • Has moveable lower jaw
  • For ages 3 years and above