Robobloq Qoopers 6 In 1 Robot Kit

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Qoopers is the Coolest Metal Smart Robot for STEAM Education. It has modular design and can switch to more than 6 forms. It is powerful with rich extension capability, Qoopers is popular with a wide range of ages.
 Back to: 8-12 years

We want to combine learning process with playing, so that kids can lean coding skills in a more favorable way. This is where Qoopers comes in, it’s easy to build, and a fun robot to play with. It has modular design with compatibility to multiple sensors and electronic modules.

A drag-and-drop programming interface makes it an ideal tool for kids to learn coding.


Product Details

  • Aluminium body

  • Modular design

  • Transformable

  • Face Expressions - Qoopers has emotions, and apart from the presets, you can define more emotions using the LED Dots Matrix Customizing interface.

  • Lego compatible - Pick up your Lego blocks and play them the new way! Stack them on Qoopers and make a colorful robot!
  • Programmable on Windows 7+, Mac 10.9+, iOS 8+, Android 4.4+. (Programmable through USB cable or wireless via Bluetooth)

  • DRAG-AND-DROP, CODE EASILY - Do programming on the phone, by dragging command blocks into a chain. Needless to learn grammar and focus on logic, effectively grow programmatic thinking!

  • Wireless control over Bluetooth 4.0 using Robobloq App
  • Based on Arduino platform

  • Microcontroller: Qmind plus(based on Arduino Mega 2560)

  • Inputs : 1 x Button, 1 x Ultrasonic Sensor with six built-in RGB LEDs

  • Outputs : 1 x Buzzer, 2 x RGB LED lights, 1x LED Matrix 14x10

  • Extended port : 6 x sensors ports, 2 x motor ports (Supports four motors max)

  • 6 model variations to build : Captain Allow, The Cavalier, The Voyager, Scorpiod, Li'l Guardian, The Dozer
  • Total Parts: 174

  • Assembled size: 214mm x 248mm x 166mm (largest model variation)


Requires :

  • 6 x AA batteries (not included)

Recommended Age : 8+ years