Ravensburger Race To The Roof Game (5+ yrs, 2-4 Players)

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A race from the Basement to the Attic! Who will get there first? A game of snake and ladders with a twist.
 Back to: 5-8 years

Can you make it to the attic before anyone else? Starting at the front door, roll the die and race through the different rooms.

Roll a 6 and take an object card. Find and go to the object - you might leap forward or take a huge step backwards. Finding the objects in the rooms supports recognition and association skills.

The rooms on the game board changes from game to game, as the rooms are represented by room cards which are shuffled and laid out on the game board. No two games are alike on this varying game board. 



  • 1 x Game Board
  • 16 x Room Cards
  • 20 x Object Cards
  • 4 x Playing Pieces
  • 1 x Die
  • Instructions


  • Ages - 5+ years
  • Box Size - 34 x 23 x 6 cm cm
  • Number of Players - 2 to 4 players