Playmobil Princess Series - Royal Couple with Carriage

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The carriage has a folding roof. Horse's mane can be decorated with flowery hair grips.
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  • Age - 4+ years
  • Carriage has a three-part folding roof and steering front axle.
  • Space for two seated figures or one figure standing in the centre.
  • Sitting figures are secured with the central handrail with hand clasps and the standing figure with a round foot clasp.
  • Shelf space inside for a picnic basket behind the bench.
  • Extra space at the rear for the treasure chest.
  • Integrated footplates on both sides of the carriage which can be retracted.
  • Hair grips can be fixed to the horse's mane, as well as in a child's hair.
  • Horse's head can be moved up and down.
  • The included collar is only suitable for horses with a realistic mane, NOT for standard PLAYMOBIL Horses.