Playforever Midi No.7 Bonnie Joules

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Vivid colour blocking to bright two tones, Bonnie Joules’s design is inspired by the bold colour and shape of 1960s fashion and footwear coupled with early Formula One racing cars.
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Originally designed in wood (and maintaining its simple form when remodeled into plastic), the beauty of Bonnie lies in its simplicity - a pure shape on wheels, with the addition of bold graphics to bring it to life.

Cool, hip and eye-catching, Bonnie is a true showstopper that will look stunning on the shelf, mantelpiece or racing around on the living room floor!

  • Age recommendation - 3+ years
  • Dimension - 215 x 120 x 92 mm
  • Made from ABS Plastic with high gloss UV coating. Hand-polished with care.