Orchard Toys Monster Shape and Colour Bingo Game (3+ yrs, 2-4 players)

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A fun shape and colour matching bingo featuring cheeky monsters!
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A fun shape and colour matching bingo game with two ways to play!

  • The first game involves turning over cards to see if they match both the shape and colour of one of the monsters on your bingo board
  • Whilst the second game involves rolling a shape and colour dice instead.

The first player to cover a vertical, horizontal or diagonal row of 4 monsters with 'splat' cards wins the game by shouting 'Monster Bingo!' as loud as they can!

Monster Bingo is perfect to teach basic shape and colour skills as children are encouraged to identify and read aloud both the shape and colour before looking for the corresponding monster on their board.

Features a range of shapes from simple shapes like squares and circles to semi-circles and diamonds. 

Contents :

  • 4 x Double sided bingo boards
  • 36 x Colour shape discs
  • 64 x Slime tiles
  • 1 x Colour dice
  • 1 x Shape dice
  • Instruction leaflet

Number of Players: 2 to 4 players

Age Guide: 3+ years