OMY Pocket Games (3+ yrs)

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$ 7.95
Colour on the go with OMY Pocket Game series - 4 designs in the collection.
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OMY has a super convenient colouring roll, aptly named Pocket Games. Along with being a colouring roll, it comes with 10 games.

It has a handy feature - you can simply rip off portions of the 1m long sheet! Use the roll as whole or colour bits as you go.

Kept neatly rolled in a cardboard box, and measuring a metre long by 10cm wide. You can choose from four Pocket Games themes:

  • City - discover the great cities of the world: Barcelona, ​​New York, Paris and London.
  • Cosmos - transport to another planet and a world of robots, spaceships and rockets.
  • Magic - immerses children in a magical world of strange creatures, maze, castles, wizard, princess, dragon!
  • Fantastic - a world of monsters, surprises and strange objects.


A handy multi coloured pencil is included, saving you the trouble of bringing coloured pencils along. Great for travelling, all in one pack!


Addition Details:

  • Suitable for 3+ years
  • 1 x multi-colouring pencil
  • 1m of mysteries and riddles to unroll and colour
  • The game rules are rules are translated into 6 languages