Not Parent Approved - A Card Game for Kids, Families and Mischief Makers (8+ years, 4-10 players)

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A HILARIOUS word game of fill-in-the blanks
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Created by Stacy Katz and Maximina Revis, Not Parent Approved is an inappropriately appropriate card game for mischief makers 8 and above. 

Not Parent Approved pays homage to Cards Against Humanity, but WITHOUT the Rated R content. Made for kids, 100% family-friendly !

A HILARIOUS word game of fill-in-the blanks

How to Play :

  1. Each player draws seven red answer cards. Sneak a peek, but don't show 'em to your friends!
  2. Each player burps - real or fake. 
  3. The winner of the burp-off gets to be the Burp Boss.
  4. The Burp Boss draws a blue question card and reads it out load.
  5. Players choose the red answer card they think is the best and slide it to the Burp Boss face down.
  6. The Burp Boss shuffles the red answer cards without looking.
  7. The Burp Boss reads the question out load EACH time before presenting EACH answer.
  8. The Burp Boss picks the 1st place answer.
  9. The 1st place winner keeps the blue question card and scores a point. 
  10. For the next round, the role of Burp Boss rotates.
  11. The player with the most question cards at the end of the game wins !

Contents include :

  • 455 durable cards (105 question cards and 350 answer cards). Premium-printed card (2"x3")
  • Set of rules

Number of players : 4 to 10 players

Recommended for ages: 8+ years