National Geographic Science Discovery Kit - Amber (8+ yrs)

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National Geographic Amber Exploration Science Kit provides everything children need to explore this naturally forming treasure. Polish your amber to a shine in search of million-year-old insects that may have been caught inside!
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Developed in collaboration with National Geographic entomology and science education experts, the National Geographic Amber Exploration Kit lets kids practice the skills of science—from the challenge of observation to the thrill of discovery.

Starting with five pieces of rough, unpolished amber and six different grades of gemstone-quality sandpaper, archaeologists-in-training can reveal the ancient occlusions, cracks, and insects hidden within the amber.

Each kit comes with detailed instructions, a workstation, a magnifying glass, and a colorful learning guide. There’s even a keychain with a real scorpion preserved in synthetic amber to get them excited about the excavation.

  • Age guide - 8+ years


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