Million Dollars, But Card Game - Core Pack (18+ years)

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Million Dollars, But… The Game (MDB) is a game that puts your morals and imagination to the test
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Million Dollars, But… The Game (MDB) is a game that puts your morals and imagination to the test, posing the question, "What would you do for a million dollars?" Players create scenarios by combining a Trigger and a Rule card to showcase what they would or wouldn’t do for a big hunk of cash. (For example, A Million Dollars, But… Every time you see a store having a sale, you poop your pants a little bit.) 

The best part of the game occurs when everyone debates the scenarios that have been presented to the judge. “Does it include online store sales or just in-person sales?” “How much poop are we talking: a rabbit pellet or an uncomfortable amount?”

Setup of the Game :

  • Each player takes 4 black Trigger Cards and 4 gold Rule Cards.
  • Put together, these cards create scenarios.
  • Now, pick a judge from your group of friends. Maybe the person with the biggest feet?

How to Play :

  1. Each player will hand a full scenario (remember, that's 1 black Trigger Card and 1 gold Rule Card), face-down, to the judge.
  2. One at a time, the judge will read the scenarios out loud to the group.
  3. This next part is where we think the fun of MDB lives. All players will attempt to glorify or downplay the scenarios, regardless of whether he/she put down that particular scenario.
  4. The judge will then pick the scenario they absolutely WOULD NOT do for a million bucks. The winner of that round is the new judge.
  5. Players then draw back up to 4 of each card type.

Other Game Styles :

  • Every core game comes with rules for three additional styles of play with their own goals.

Content includes :

  • 150 Trigger Cards
  • 350 Rule Cards
  • Instruction booklet with three additional styles of play

Number of Players : 3 to 6+ players

Time to Play : 30 minutes

Recommended for ages: 18+ years