Milaniwood Crazy Palace Game (5+ yrs, 2 players)

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Great game for children to learn about cause and effect and develop fine motor skills along the way.
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A game of two crazy builders - both want to win the race of constructing the tallest palace, only one can win!

The dice determine the size of the foundation and players take turns in adding a piece to the palace. Who will make it tumble?

  • Ages 5+ years
  • Includes 21 wooden blocks, 1 die, and 2 coloured characters
  • The blocks and the figures of Crazy Palace are made of wood from eco-friendly forestry (100% FSC®)
  • Pack size - 30.5 x 18.5 x 3.5 cm


How To Play

Distribute 10 blocks each and place the printed block on the game table, laying it with the word LARGE facing upwards: this will be the base of the building. Choose your pawn and decide who starts first by throwing the dice: the biggest size starts (S, M, and L).

The one who starts throws the dice and, using only one hand, positions a block on any part of the building, placing it so that it rests with the face indicated by the dice (S, M, and L). Each time you position a block you must place the pawn on any part of the block you have just placed and then pass the turn to your rival.

To position a new block you can move your pawn, taking it temporarily from the building. You can position a new block on one of your rival’s blocks, but without moving your pawn.