Makeblock Airblock - Modular Programmable Drone

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The first modular drone that can be turned into a hovercraft, car, and more! But the fun doesn’t stop there... Airblock can be programmed like a real robot!
 Back to: 8-12 years

Airblock is a modular and programmable aircraft able to transform into drone, hovercraft, and more. Its graphical programming interface makes it the perfect opportunity to learn to code by building your own robots capable of trekking on land and gliding through the air!

Using easy drag & drop graphical codes to program stunts and manoeuvres.

Airblock is an educational, user friendly device that offers limitless fun!

Main Features :

  • Modular - One main module and six propeller modules with magnetic connectors makes the Airblock easy to transform in creative ways, and incredibly fun.
  • Programmable - Do cool aerial stunts. Graphical programming through the App. Program your Airblock to execute a sequence of actions.
  • DIY - Create beyond your imaginations
  • Versus mode - Battle or race against others
  • Controllable - Navigate Airblock right from your smart device
  • Indoor-Friendly - Bump into walls without making dents
  • Bluetooth App Controlled - IOS & Android

Product Features :

  • Two primary vehicles you can build : Drone or Hovercraft
  • Durable blocks with a dedicated easy-to-use app
  • Logic and reasoning introduces kids to basic computer programming, growing critical thinking skills.
  • Learn programming easily with graphical code blocks
  • Helps kids build fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Code Cool Aerial Stunts, and endless tricks
  • Challenge kids with specific building tasks
  • Flight Speed : 0-2m/s Adjustable
  • Flight time : 6min (approximately)
  • Battery : 7.4v, 700mAH (replaceable)

Product dimensions :

  • Six axis air craft (235 x 54mm)
  • Hover craft (335 x 208 x 126mm)
  • Weighs : 200grams

Recommended Age : 8+years