Magformers Curve 20 Pieces Set (3+ yrs)

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Looking for some curved shapes to add to your Magformer collection?
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Magformers Curve 20 Pieces Set comes with a total of 20 pieces, with 16 curved shapes and 4 squares. Design and build organic structures with curved 3D magnetic shapes with the all-new Curve 20Pc Set from Magformers. Use arches, sectors and sphere sectors to build towers.

Add some realism to your models with the Curve 20 Set. Also great as a starter set!

  • Recommended age: 3+ years
  • Compatible with all MAGFORMERS® shapes and accessories
  • Contains four magnetic shapes:
    • Arch x 4
    • Cone x 4
    • Sector x 8
    • Squares x 4