Luxury Soap Factory by Wild! Science (8+ years)

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Using lab tools, molds, colors and professional 'pigment' and clear soaps, design your own fabulous soap sculptures, rainbow soap gifts, and gorgeous shapes embedded in crystal soap. All perfect for bath and shower time.
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Create multicoloured soap creatures and flowers that float in transparent bars. Blend colours and perfume for your own signature soap.

Blend colours and perfume for your own signature soap.

Mould and 'weld' together muti-part soap sculptures. Make unique gifts for friends.

This kit contains enough materials for the many amazing soap projects & sculptures in the booklet.

Contents :

  • Special transparent casting soap
  • Professional grade titanium oxide pigment soap
  • 3 x mixable cosmetic colourants
  • Special blendable perfume
  • Stirring sticks
  • Safety gloves
  • Real laboratory beakers
  • Soap bar mould
  • Gift shapes mould
  • Colour Instruction Booklet
  • Safety Sheet

Recommended for ages 8+ years with adult supervision.