littleBits - Gizmos and Gadgets Kit (2nd Edition, 8+ yrs)

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Winner of 13+ awards and gift guides, the Gizmos & Gadgets (2nd Edition) is the ultimate app-enabled invention toolbox. It transforms passive screen time into a passion for hands-on inventing, problem solving and creativity.
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The Gizmos & Gadgets Kit (2nd Edition) is an update to the original Gizmos & Gadgets Kit. It is the ultimate invention toolbox. Motors, wheels, lights, switches, servos, buzzers, etc. – snap them together to spark creativity and fun.

The kit comes with 13 Bits and 56 accessories. Create a spinmate, bubblebot, bumperball, and many others.

Start with step-by-step instructions, then break out of the box and create your own invention.

Create, play, remix, then share your creations with the world. Need some inspiration? Check out the thousands of inventions on littleBits community pages and the free littleBits app.

Explore the worlds of coding, electronic music, smart devices and more with additional littleBits Kits. Develop creativity and engineering skills as you reinvent the world around you.


"The second edition of the LittleBits Gizmos & Gadgets Kit is a worthy follow-up to the original, switching out a few Bits to add Bluetooth connectivity to your creations."

"...offers hours of projects to build and countless ways to invent your own devices, plus it's wildly expandable with other Bits. It replaces the original, and remains an excellent starting point for learning about electronics and engineering. As such, it earns our Editors' Choice."





  • 1 x bargraph
  • 1 x buzzer
  • 1 x fan
  • 1 x light sensor
  • 1 x split
  • 1 x mechanical arm
  • 2 x Bluetooth® Low Energy Bit
  • 2 x DC motor (tethered)
  • 2 x power
  • and many more...

*Smart phone or tablet not included. Compatible with most iOS & Android devices. 


Product Details:

  • Size - 7.6 x 19.1 x 31 cm
  • Age recommendation - 8+ years