K'Nex Thrill Ride Series : Electro Inferno Roller Coaster Set (9+ yrs)

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K'Nex Electric Inferno Roller Coaster comes with 639 classic pieces to build your very own coaster!
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K'NEX Thrill Rides allows each child or adult to build an amusement park right in their home! 

The K'NEX Thrill Rides Electric Inferno Roller Coaster building Sst comes with 639 parts and pieces, including a motor and chain lift with a coaster car. All of the pieces can be clicked together to create a variety of 3D configurations.

With this set, kids can create a motorized, moving roller coaster that stands up to 2.7 feet tall. It comes with easy-to-follow, step-by-step building instructions.

Unleash kids' creativity as they make their own designs for open-ended fun.

K'NEX building sets are toys that are fun and educational. K'NEX building system helps kids develop a better understanding of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math). As they click the parts together and discover how the building system works, they also strengthen their hand-eye coordination, fine motor and problem-solving skills, and spatial awareness.



  • For kids 9 years and older
  • Contains 639 classic K'NEX pieces
  • Includes battery-powered motor
  • Requires 2 x "AA" batteries (not included)
  • Comes with an easy-to-follow instruction manual\
  • K'NEX rods and connectors are responsibly made in America at a landfill-free, zero-waste green manufacturing facility in Hatfield, Pennsylvania