Kapla Challenge Box (10+ yrs)

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KAPLA Challenge Box is a quest for the perfect balance. It unites skill and logic in an original and multi-faceted way.
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The challenge at KAPLA Challenge Box 16 lies in the search for the perfect balance.

The Challenge Box comes with 12 KAPLA building maps and 16 KAPLA pine wood tiles. The game principle is simple - recreate the models on the 12 building maps, using the 16 KAPLA planks.

The difficulty of the cards increases as you go along. In order to defy the power of gravity, you will need self-exertion and endurance. 

KAPLA Challenge Box is the ideal gift for adults and children from 10 years. 



  • 16 pinewood planks
  • 12 challenge cards



About Kapla - a safe, creative wooden construction toy

No glue, no screws and no clips, it has the stability of stone.

Invented by Dutchman Tom van der Bruggen in 1987. KAPLA is a safe, educational wooden construction toy that can be enjoyed by Children aged 3 and up, including adults!

Each KAPLA Plank is identical and has a unique ratio that enables incredible creations to be constructed without the need for any fixings, yet has the stability of stone.

KAPLA encourages logical thinking, stimulates creativity and helps to develop concentration, patience, and perseverance. As the child grows and develops, so can KAPLA.