HABA Bath Boating Set

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Lovely little boat, submarine or paddle steamer set. Perfect for the bath, pool or beach!
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Splash into the fun with the Boating Set from HABA! This set comes with 3 sturdy plastic boats for your little one to take into the water! Pour, strain, and paddle about with this cool item.

Perfect for ages 12 months and up!


HABA is German designed and incredible quality. Why buy HABA sand and water play?

  • All HABA sand and water play items are made from robust, fade-resistant, scratch-resistant PP plastic.
  • HABA sand and water play is 100% free play - important for developing creativity and independence, and providing genuine down-time from busy lives.

While playing with sand and water, children develop their fine and gross motor skills and engage in early science concepts - measuring, volume, gravity, float/sink, full/empty, shallow/deep.



  • Submarine dimensions approx : 13 x w 9 x h 8 cm
  • Height : 25cm