Geomag Wheels - Police Squad (68 pieces)

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Build your own Police car with Geomag Wheels.
 Back to: 5-8 years

Geomag Wheels range allows you to build your vehicle using magnetic rods, spheres, wheels and special plastic frames.

After building your vehicle you can really play with it launching at incredible speed. You can choose the type of vehicle from the dragster to the super off road. From the "biting crocodile" to the speed record vehicle.

All Geomag sets are produced in Switzerland following the highestquality standards and are studied both to amuse kids and to stimulate fantasy, curiosity and creativity.

On the back of the boxes you can find some examples of constructions that can be done and many others can be found on Geomag's website, on Geomag's Facebook page or on Geomag's youtube channel.



  • Suitable 5+ years
  • Total 21 Pieces
  • Compatible with other Geomag products