EzyRoller DRIFTER - Green (6-14+ yrs)

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Once you've mastered how to curve your way, the Drifter's unique patented back wheels design lets you 'drift' on corners.
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EzyRoller Drifter adds an extra level of fun and excitement to your ride. The unique pivoting back wheel design allows this model to “drift” when cornering.

As with the Ezyroller Classic, motion is created by “paddling” with the legs whilst seated. It moves like a snake without chains, pedals or batteries. No need for a downhill slope to move forward. Just an easy gentle swinging movement on the front paddle generates forward momentum. 

The driver sits comfortably in a seat made of sturdy plastic and, its low centre of gravity means it is unlikely to overturn.

Also, includes a cable actioned brake and extensions to suit different rider sizes.

Kids use their feet to steer the EzyrRoller. It is super-easy and super-fun!

EzyRoller will work on most hard surfaces except grass and sand. It also usually works on heavy carpets thanks to its high resistance polyurethane wheels.



  • Recommended for ages 6 to 14+ years
  • Max rider weight - 70kg
  • Min/Max Length -28/52 inches
  • Low center of gravity for a safer, reassuring ride
  • Sturdy all-steel frame with reinforced solder points
  • Rear drift wheels
  • Wired handbrake
  • Two steel extensions included so that Ezyroller can grow with your child
  • Silent and durable
  • SAFE " Sunshine" wheels with a unique design so kids cannot put their fingers through the spokes (Note: Some images do not show the "Sunshine" wheels)
  • Product leaflet with assembly tool
  • Received numerous awards