EzyRoller Classic - Green (4-14+ yrs)

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With EzyRoller, kids don't need a downhill slope to move forward. They just need an easy gentle swinging movement on the front paddle to generate forward momentum. It has no chains or pedals!
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The special feature on EzyRoller is that it is pivotable with the front legs. It moves like a snake without chains, pedals or batteries. No need for a downhill slope to move forward. Just an easy gentle swinging movement on the front paddle generates forward momentum. 

The driver sits comfortably in a seat made of sturdy plastic and, its low centre of gravity means it is unlikely to overturn.

Kids use their feet to steer the EzyrRoller. It is super-easy and super-fun!

The Ezyroller can be ridden on any hard surface, indoors and outdoors.



  • Age guide - 4 to 14+ years
  • Weight Capacity - up to 70kg body weight
  • Length 28"-39" (70-98cm) - adjustable with extension bars
  • Width 17.6" (43.5cm)
  • Height 13.5" (34.5cm)
  • Low center of gravity for a safer, reassuring ride
  • Sturdy all-steel frame with reinforced solder points
  • Handbrake with longer lever for easier and safer operation
  • Two steel extensions included so that Ezyroller can grow with your child
  • Silent and durable
  • SAFE " Sunshine" wheels with a unique design so kids cannot put their fingers through the spokes (Note: Some images do not show the "Sunshine" wheels)
  • Product leaflet with assembly tool (you have only one bolt to screw in)
  • Received numerous awards