Doodletop Design Kit (5+ years)

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Take a spin with tops that draw! Doodletop’s felt tipped pen makes wild super spirals.
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It's a classic toy with a twist, a spinning top that draws!

Remove the cap and take Doodletop for a spin on a sheet of paper to create all sorts of one-of-a-kind designs. 

Try spinning it at an angle, and wider angles will result in larger spiral designs.

The kit includes a design tray that you move to control the direction of your Doodletop. Slowly tilt the drawing surface while Doodletop spins for even more surprising and fun results. 

Spin the Doodletops and see what you can draw. Can you spin them both at the same time?



  • 2 x Doodletops
  • 6 x swappable pens
  • 10 sheets of paper
  • 1 x design tray

Recommended for ages 5+ years