Djeco Silk Painting Kits Selection (9+ yrs)

$ 39.95
Magic takes place at the tip of the paintbrush ..delicately adding colours to a pre-printed silk scarf and after drying, you have a beautiful silk scarf to wear and show.
 Back to: 8-12 years

This Djeco silk scarf painting kit is an inspiring new activity for older children. The kit contains all you need to create a beautifully decorated silk scarf.

The box extends to form a frame to ensure the silk remains taut, whilst it is being painted. The pre-printed contours keep the inks from running. Dry the ink with a hair dryer and you are ready to wear your silk scarf work of art.

A perfect gift for a creative child.



  • 1 x pre-printed silk scarf 83 x 24cm
  • 1 x wheel of pearl tipped pins
  • 5 x bottles of heat fixing inks
  • 1 x paint brush

  • 1 x pattern and instruction booklet


Additional Details:

  • Suitable for ages + 9 years
  • Package size - 3 x 26 x 27 cm