Crazy Aaron Thinking Putty selection (3+ years)

$ 24.95
$ 16.95
Have fun and relieve stress with Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty. Play with Thinking Putty at home, school, work, the car, anywhere!
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Pull it, stretch it, 'draw' on it or watch how it interacts with magnets!

Thinking Putty is silicone-based and will never dry out or crumble. The only reason to keep it in a closed container is to offer protection from dirt, dust, and hair that may otherwise accumulate.

Safe for children ages three and up. Like all creative toys, Thinking Putty can get messy if left alone with young children. Thinking Putty should not be used by children under three years of age for this reason and should always be used by older children with supervision.

Thinking Putty is non-toxic and contains no latex, gluten, wheat compounds, or phthalates. It is safe for use by people with sensitivity to wheat or latex.

Fear not, if Thinking Putty gets stuck on hair, skin or clothes - just get some rubbing alcohol (the greatest percent isopropyl alcohol you can find - 99% is ideal).

  • Recommended age - 3+ years
  • Comes in a 4" round tin
  • Made and manufactured entirely in the USA
  • Note, Thinking Putty can stain fabric. Thinking Putty is best left in its tin when it is not being used.