Bunny Bedtime Make-A-Choice Board Game (2-5 yrs)

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Bunny Bedtime invites young players to explore bedtime routine in this cooperative game that teaches simple game movements and help children make choices.
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It’s time for bed, Bunny!

Can you help Bunny decide which toy she will play with in the bath and which pyjamas she’ll wear to bed?

Roll the die and move Bunny, find the matching shape and make a choice!

Place the shape on the board, listen to the story, and go again!


Bunny Bedtime is a sweet, simple game designed for toddlers and parents to enjoy play together while learning many early concepts and skills.

Making your way through the 5 activities – bathing, potty, pajamas, brushing teeth, and reading a book - while filling in the blank with the correct shape. Each wooden puzzle shape has a choice on each side, helping toddlers make a choice to the question "Do you want___or____?"

The last stop is get a big hug and kiss and “Goodnight, Bunny!”


"This starter game for your toddler gives parents plenty to talk about and teach as their child learns to look from left to right, match and name shapes and colors, learn bedtime vocabulary, follow a sequence in a story, take turns and perhaps create their own pretend story with the game board as a backdrop."

- www.playonwords.com




  • For ages 2+ years
  • No reading required
  • Includes
    • Game Board
    • 1 x Wooden Bunny
    • 1 x Wooden die
    • 5 x Wooden Puzzle Pieces
    • Instructions
    • Parent Guide


Learning Skills:

  • Matching colors and shapes
  • Making choices
  • Puzzle problem-solving
  • Rolling a die and moving a mover
  • Listening
  • Social-emotional skills