Beep Bicycle Bells - Pup (for Left side on handlebar)

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Beep Bike Bells are more than your average bike bell! Combining style and functionality.
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"Why settle for the boring bell that comes with your kid's bike when they can have one that really shows their personality!? Beep Bike Bells are more than a accessory – they're a piece of artwork for the handlebars of any bike riding enthusiast.

Made completely from steel (yes, no sneaky plastic parts) the bell is beautifully hand painted using non-toxic paints, then cured and baked to become weather resistant."

- Babyology

This guy...seriously!  Look at that loving face, his flappy ears and panting tongue.  Beep Pup Bike Bell will be your loyal follower wherever you biking adventure takes you.

Beep Bike Bells are a great size for bicycle and scooters. The bells are 58mm in diameter and has a raised bottom clasp, ensuring an unfettered and cheerful ring.

Beep Bike Bells are also easy to install using a mounted clasp and bracket.  Coupled with longer chrome-plated screws, these bells accommodate all handlebar diameters.

Designed, hand painted with non-toxic paints and shipped out of their studio in Newcastle, Australia!


  1. As Beep Bicycle Bells are hand painted, the bell that is sent to you may vary slightly from the bell in the photo. This means that each Beep hand painted bell is truly unique.
  2. The image shown is of a right sided bicycle bell. The left sided bicycle bell has the bell ringer on the left side.