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Aloka’s SleepyLights now comes with a new base, which runs off USB or batteries. The new base also lets you turn off the nightlight, switch colours, and adjust brightness. Especially great for those that tend to lose their remotes.
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Aloka’s SleepyLights are LED nightlights that have been designed for kids. There are many stylish designs that would appeal to both kids and parents, to choose from.

With the ability to select colours of the night light, its almost like you have 13 kids' night lights in one. Being dimmable, Aloka nightlights help children and parents get a better night sleep. Aloka SleepyLights are the ideal baby and child night light.

Aloka SleepyLights now comes with a base that runs off batteries as well as USB, and has some of the remote's functions.

Features :

  • Choose a favourite colour, or rotate through all 13 colours.
  • Multiple brightness levels - up to 4 levels of brightness
  • Safe low voltage (5 volts), low heat LEDs - little fingers cannot get burnt
  • LED light runs off USB or battery. (Note, only demo batteries and USB cable is included. No power supply included)
  • In battery mode, night light will automatically turn off after 20 to 40 minutes to conserve battery power (20 minutes in rainbow or side lamp mode; 40 minutes in timer and sleep mode).
  • If plugged into USB power, night light can stay on all night or can use timer function to turn off after a period of time.

Remote control functions :

  • Colour selection
  • Brightness level (4 levels of brightness for each colour)
  • Side lamp button which activates pure white at the brightest level
  • Autofade mode - auto lowers brightness to low levels perfect for sleeping
  • Timer which turns the night light off after a period of time

Base button functions :

  • on/off button
  • colour changing button and brightness control

Size :

  • Dimensions of overall night light: Approximately 23cm (H) x 13cm (W). (depending on design, few designs like race car are a lot shorter) 
  • Dimensions of base : 2.7cm (H) x 13cm (W) x 3.5cm (D)

Please note, the base on some images are of an older version. The base of this version looks like the separate base image photo.  Aloka has recently changed the base design which is not reflected yet in all the photos.


Contents include:

  • LED Night Light (runs on low 5 volts)
  • Remote Control including CR2025 battery (battery is secured by safety latch and screw)
  • LED Night Light battery mode requires 3 x AA batteries (demo batteries included)
  • USB cable (cable included only, no power supply - plugs into any 5v USB power supply)
  • Instruction Manual

Note: This product can not be sent via Express Post due to the remote containing a small lithium battery.