Littlest Dreamer, Bedtime Adventure: A Bedtime Journey

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Get ready for a bedtime journey with the littlest dreamer as you ride on a magical pony over a rainbow, have a cupcake feast with the woodland animals and dance with a prince at a spectacular royal party.
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Little one, little one, eyes closed up tight, What do you dream as you sleep through the night? What will you see? What will you play? Will you tell me your dreams when the night becomes day? Little one, little one, looking at you, I wonder if all of your dreams will come true.

With special bedtime reward stickers, this is the perfect, magical story for parents and children to share together before it’s time to snuggle down to sleep

  • Author - Suzanne Smith
  • Illustrator - Charlotte Cooke 
  • Recommended age - 3 to 6 years 
  • Format - paperback
  • Dimension - 27.5 x 24.5 x 0.4 cm