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Explore ten of the world's most diverse environments with magic coloured lens. The lens reveal hidden secrets and illuminates each page in a kaleidoscope of colour.
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Journey back in time to the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods with Illumisaurus, coming face-to-face with prehistory's most spectacular dinosaurs, plants and animals. Bring this lost world to kaleidoscopic life with your magic three-colour viewing lens (included). With your lens in hand, discover amazing places and the creatures that roamed them many millions of years ago.

The green lens reveals a location, spanning 9 ancient landmasses across millions of years. Learn how these places transformed over time to become the habitats of the most spectacular life on Earth.
The red lens brings to life the mightiest beasts ever to walk the planet: the dinosaurs. Meet a T. rex up close, run with packs of velociraptors, and marvel at the gigantic brachiosaurus as you discover how these animals came to rule the Earth.
The blue lens uncovers the wildlife that lived alongside and after the dinosaurs, including monstrous dragonflies, woolly mammoths, and fungi taller than trees.

Illumisaurus is a hidden-world adventure with a fascinating scientific angle, and the perfect gift fordinosaur enthusiasts 7 years and older. Innovative illustrations from award-winning design duo Carnovsky make this a natural history like no other, with hundreds of places, plants, and creatures to discover on three layers of detailed artwork. How many dinosaurs will you find on your prehistoric journey?


  • Illustrated by Carnovsky
  • Written by Lucy Brownridge
  • Publisher - Quarto Publishing Group
  • Hardback, 64 pages
  • Dimension - 340 x 280 mm


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