HABA The Little Orchard Game (Cooperative and Memory Game, 3-8 yrs, 1-4 players)

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Help Bertha Peartree harvest the cherries. Will the children harvest all the cherries before the raven reaches the tree?
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A cooperative and memory game for children. The players have to work together to pick up all the cherries before the crow can steal them from the tree.

This game helps develop team spirit as the players need to cooperate to outwit the raven. Also, helps recognition and naming of colours and symbols, and fine motor coordination.

With good memory and a little bit of deduction, the game can be won. If you forget which tiles have the crow on the other side, watch out! He'll eat all your cherries!

The board is integrated into the box and comes with the usual lovely Haba pieces.



  • Age guide - 3 to 8 years
  • Game duration - approx 10 min
  • 1 - 4 players
  • Contents
    • 1 x game board
    • 1 x Cherry tree
    • 1 x raven
    • 5 x pairs of cherries
    • 1 x little basket
    • 1 x color die
    • 15 x flower cards
    • 1 set of game instructions


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