HABA My Very First Games - My First Orchard (Cooperative Game, 2+ yrs, 1-4 players)

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A specially designed version of HABA's classic Orchard game, this is a great "first" game for ages 2 years and up. Can the little ones harvest the fruit in the orchard before the raven reaches the orchard?
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HABA classic “Orchard“ for the smallest ones. This specially designed version of HABA's classic Orchard game is a great "first" game for ages 2 years and up.

The rules are adjusted to their age and the game material is specially designed for small children’s hands. It is a cooperative game designed to foster social skills, develop color recognition skills, and teach counting by ones.

My Very First Orchard set can be used as both a game (with game boards with die) and also as a pretend-play set of solid wooden fruit and sturdy basket. The beautiful and handy wooden pieces are also great for free play and fostering better motor skills.


How To Play Overview

The goal of the game is to work as a team, to pick the fruits from the trees before the raven reaches the end of the path.

Players roll the die and pick a fruit of the corresponding color from its tree and place it in the basket.

If no fruit of that color is left on the tree, pass the die on to the next player

If the raven is rolled on the die, the raven moves one step closer to the orchard.

If the players succeed in harvesting all the fruit and have it all in the basket before the raven has reached the orchard, they win! If the raven passes the last path card and stands in the orchard before all the fruits have been
picked, the players lose together against the quick ravenous thief.


  • Age recommendation - 2+ years
  • 1 - 4 players
  • Game duration - appox 10 min
  • Contents:
    • 1 x raven
    • 1 x fruit basket
    • 4 x green apples
    • 4 x red apples
    • 4 x yellow pears
    • 4 x blue plums
    • 5 x path cards
    • 4 x trees
    • 1 x color-symbol die
    • 1 x set of game instructions


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